Open Standard Rugged Boards

The LVPX-X104 is a 3U VPX board based on Zynq Ultrascale Plus.

Ideal for video processing, signal processing or as computing accelerator.

Product Description


  • 1 Xilinx Zynq UltrascalePlus MPSoC: XCZU11 or XCZU19
  • 1x 72bit DDR4 memory for the PS: 1x 4GB
  • 2x 32bit DDR4 memory for the PL: 2x 2GB
  • 1x 18bit QDR-IV memory for the PL: Dual port, low latency, 144 Mbit
  • 1 16GB eMMC memory
  • 1 256MB NOR QSPI
  • Dual PCIe data plane
  • Front Panel QSFP: Air Cooled only, Connected to PL GTY
  • Front Panel LVDS connector: Air Cooled Only, Bufferised LVDS buffers

VPX Interfaces

  • 1 PCIe Data Plane: To PL GTH
  • 3 Expansion plane: Fat pipes and PCIe or other implemented using PL GTH
  • 2 Additional Expansion plane: Thin Pipes and To PL GTH
  • 1 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet
  • 2 1000 Base-X Ethernet (from PS GTR)
  • PL I/O (powered at 3.3V)
  • 1 PS UART (RS232)

Reference Clock – A programmable on board AD9576 clock generator is used to feed reference clocks to GTs. Allows a wide range of protocols and lane rates to be supported


  • Commercial operating temperatures (N-grade): +0°C to +50°C, air cooled
  • Extended operating temperatures rugged conduction cooled (RC-grade): -40°C to +85°C
  • Humidity 0..80% non condensing


  • LHDL framework
    • DMA
    • Component enumerator
    • Interrupt
    • Example design


  • LKSD Linux driver (PCIe and AXI)
  • LUSD Linux user space library
  • Buildroot based Embedded linux toolchain


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