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LVPX-X102 is a Xilinx Ultrascale Plus (Artix or Kintex) FMC carrier for a wide variety of I/O and high speed serial communication purpose on the VPX systems.

3U, 4 or 5 HP width FMC Carrier – Ideal platform for:

  • Digital and Analog I/O
  • RS422/RS485 serial bus handling
  • 10GBit Ethernet solutions
  • Low demanding DSP processing

Product Description


  • 3U VPX FMC carrier
  • 2GB 32bit DDR4 memory
  • AD9576 Programmable clock generator
  • FMC HPC slot


  • Commercial operating temperatures (N-grade): +0°C to +50°C, air cooled
  • Extended operating temperatures (E-grade): -0°C to +70°C, air cooled

Power consumption – 5 – 15 W (user FW dependent, excluding I/O)

Mechanical – 3U form-factor: 3.9 inches x 6.3 inches (100 mm x 160 mm)

Firmware (available through the LVD FPGA FDK – to be ordered separately)

  • PCIe
  • 4 channel DMA
  • Example design
  • Full source code

Software (available through the LVD FPGA SDK – to be ordered separately)

  • Linux driver
  • Full source code


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